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Probe Stations, accessories, and probe cards

To complete its range of test equipment and accessories, Peritest is now representing Wentworth Laboratories, leading provider of wafer probing solutions for more than 50 years.

Wentworth offers a wide range of production and analytical wafer probe stations. High accuracy, stability and repeatability make them ideal for MEMS, high power, RF and mmWave device testing.

 Accessories include anti-vibration tables, environmental enclosures, manipulators, prober control software, chucks and optics.

 Epoxy and blade probe cards are suitable for many applications including high current, high voltage, low leakage, high temperature, cryogenic, radio frequency, multiple die and laser bar testing.


Probers: Manual,


and Automatic


  • Analytical wafer profers specifically designed for failure analysis, device and other analytical testing.
  • Production wafer probers offer rapid probing with a choice of semi-automatic, fully automatic and double-sided wafer probing platforms.
  • Wafer size up to 300 mm
  • Wide range of accessories

Probe cards

  • Specialist probe card design and manufacturing
  • Standard and custom cantilever probe cards based on epoxy and blade technologies:
    • Extreme temperatures ( -269° to +300°C )
    • Low Leakage
    • High voltage / high current
    • Double side probing
    • Bespoke probe cards to suit any wafer probing challenge
  • Local support and fast feedback


A complete range of wafer probing accessories and options, designed to complement and enhance the capabilities and performance of our wafer probe stations:

  • Anti-vibration tables
  • Dark boxes and environmental enclosures
  • Micromanipulators
  • Front ends and needle holders
  • Probe card holders
  • Optics and lasers
  • Inkers
  • Chucks – thermal, high voltage, 360°, singulated die chuck, and more..
  • LabMaster™ software